Yüksek Kaliteli 100% Viskon Rayon Nakış Konu

Viskon Rayon Nakış İpliği

It's made of 100% viscose filament yarn ,dyed with reactive dyes on 60℃ degree ,has excellent brightness and high luster,entensive color range and excellent softness.

Malzeme: rayon

Sayısı: We has 120D/2,150D/2,300D/2,300D/1,300D/2 * 3,450D/1,600D/1 and other specifications

Paketleme: packing at 20yds to 5000yds in small tube or big plastic spool.

Renk: This is the polyester embroidery thread color card with 400 colors .MH has automatic color matching machines ,so we can make accurate color matching sample fastly

sertifika: ISO 90001:2015,ISO14001:2015,ISO18001:2007

Kullanımı: Suitable for ladies suits,silk,handbag,lace embroidery,etc.


Exceptional Embroidery Performance, High Luster, Excellent Softness, Healthy and Environme, Extensive Colour Range, Good hydrophilic properties,anti-static and anti-pilling.

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